Various collaboraters

Total creativity at Shanghai/China.

We are creative studio about branding, graphics, photograph, motion graphics, video, promotion,  at China/Japan and more.

Our focuses are simply with minimal.
“What is that reason and purpose”
“How to do that”
“Who do that”
We build special team for each case with our studio and freelance creators from China and japan. That makes your case to be more Simple and Smart about Purpose, the way, cost, schedule and that effects to wide range Creativity, like a “from graphics to video promotion”, “Photo shooting with VI design and making video”, “form Logo design to interior design” and more…

We wish you to be Good  by creative .


社名はAML=A Multi Lense、複眼から由来し、複合的観点からブランディング、グラフィックスデザイン、写真・映像、モーショングラフィック、プロモーション製作を行う中国・上海で発足した日本発のデザインスタジオです。




Various collaboraters

Various creators collaboration.

We are creative studio about branding or graphics, photograph, motion graphics, video, promotion, at China/Japan and more.