Promotion e-mail : Nikon club


Promotion e-mail : Nikon club

CLIENT:Nikon Imaging (China) Sales Co.,Ltd. / 上海蒂姆联铂信息技术有限公司
Format Design
Format Design for the Promotion e-mail (eDM). When they have a problem, don’t(can’t) build a luxury experience with high-tech feeling for customers. In China (guess in Global), Nikon’s customer have 2 directions, one is geek & tech lover who have knowledge about “How-to Shooting” “Nikon’s Superiority&Specs”etc. Others Just know & buy High-end Cameras who is target of this eDM. Also they already have GOOD cameras but they don’t know “how-to use” “What can do”. This eDM & Nikon Club figure to “Learn”&”Shoot”and”more” (of corse include promotional means).